BeetElite – Neo Shot (1 box 10 pouches)


ITEM # : 1731
BeetElite – NeoShot (1 BOX 10 Pouches)
BeetElite NeoShot® is a pre-workout “shot” that helps your body make more nitric oxide. During exercise nitric oxide: • Helps your body extend endurance • Helps your body improve intensity levels • Dilates blood vessels to help deliver more oxygen and nutrients • Increases efficiency of oxygen utilization • Developed by Neogenis Labs — Leaders in Nitric Oxide Research Give Your Performance the Nitric Oxide Advantage. BeetElite concentrated beet crystals help you achieve peak performance in your training regimen and in competition. Each packet delivers the nitric oxide boosting goodness of six organic beet roots or one liter of organic beet juice, in the most convenient form possible- a shot. Use it 30 minutes before a workout or competition, and you’ll feel the difference!

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