Herbal Bug-X Spray


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Herbal Bug-X natural insect repellent repels all biting insects more effectively than any other natural insect repellent on the market. It is completely safe for all ages and also pets. Safe for babies’ skin and also safe to breathe and swallow. Herbal Bug-X is also a natural insecticide. Great for repelling ants and other biting insects. Herbal Bug-X natural insect repellent is made from the finest spice oils on earth its ingredients include: wild oregano oil, wild bay leaf oil, wild lavender oil, nutmeg oil, and oil of basil. •Repels: mosquitoes – gnats – black flies – ants -ticks – and many more •Completely free of harmful chemicals including DEET •Safe for babies, small children, and pets •So safe you can eat It •Completely non-toxic •GMO-FREE
118 ml

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118 ml