Ionic Silver Solution 6PPM (Spray Top) 100ml



Ionic Silver Solution (I.S.S) is a pure solution of Sub-Atomic Silver Ions making it the most
powerful and bio-available form of Silver on the market today! Ionic Silver Solution contains
99.9% silver ions in a soluble state and are 400 times smaller than your red blood cells allowing
them to easily pass through cell membranes where viruses reside!

Most antibiotics kill only six or seven different disease-causing organisms, but silver is known to
kill as many as 650 of these organisms. This includes bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and
parasites. These micro-organisms are suffocated rather than poisoned which prevents resistant
strains from mutating. This process is accomplished within minutes.

Ionic Silver Solution, contains a solution of silver ions thousands of times smaller than non-ionic
Colloidal Silver in turn delivering a superior inter-cellular transport process.


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