UMAC-CORE Marine Phytoplankton

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UMAC logoMarine microalgae, also known as phytoplankton, comprise hundreds of species of photosynthetic, unicellular organisms belonging to the Kingdom Protista. Temperate coastal waters, such as those along British Columbia, are highly productive and support a diverse array of microalgal species from numerous Classes, including the primary producers called diatoms (Class Bacillariophyceae). Every spring, when conditions of light, nutrients, and mixing are optimal for growth, diatoms grow rapidly in the euphotic zone (upper 20 m). This event is known as the “spring bloom”. During this period, many species take advantage of the enhanced conditions but generally three diatom genera are the most successful – Skeletonema, Thalassiosira, and Chaetoceros. Essentially, spring bloom conditions are reproduced by Unique Sea Farms in a controlled environment, and this diversity of species is represented in the product UMAC-CORE®.

UMAC-CORE is powerful because our extraction process combines the benefits of phytonutrients with a natural and balanced composition of sea minerals. Phytonutrients are natural plant-based chemicals that promote proper metabolic functions.

Download our informational brochure, “Nature’s First Complete Food” (PDF format), and discover the benefits of UMAC-CORE® Marine Phytoplankton.



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